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Strategies for Savings
CPAs and personal financial planners can enter this Web site through the back door to read guidance for clients on maximizing tax deductions such as travel and entertainment expenses and charitable contributions. Users also can find financial calculators, information on topics including annuities and mutual fund taxation, and due dates for filing tax returns and reporting tax information.

Fact or Fiction?
Tax advisers can look over the tax secrets and myths section of this e-stop on debunking falsehoods, such as the idea that not taking every possible deduction reduces a client’s chances for an audit, as well as learn about little-known strategies such as how to get an annual early tax refund. The site features links to more than 80 itemized deductions and a free monthly newsletter.

Resources and Tips
Tax specialist and author Gail Perry’s online compilation of her column “Fun With Taxes” includes links to articles from the New York Times such as “Beating the Tuition Blues and Earning Some Tax Breaks” and her own writings—such as the article “IRS Throws Foul Ball Into All American Pastime.” In addition, visitors can find daily tax tips from the IRS and the Tax Preparation Tool Box, which includes an IRA calculator to determine eligibility or compare Roth IRAs with traditional ones to see their worth at retirement.

For Filing and More
In addition to free registration, links to state and federal tax forms and electronic filing options, tax preparers who visit this Web stop can click on the Tax Center link at the bottom of the home page to find a tax glossary, the e-document “Seven Tax Return Mistakes to Avoid,” a W-4 calculator and a tax estimator.

Government Approved
Tax consultants and preparers with home-business-based clients can find tips here on tax breaks in compliance with congressional law, the tax code and tax court rulings such as “converting ‘commuting miles’ into tax-deductible business miles,” the benefits of obtaining an employer identification number and deductions for donations. Users also can sign up for a free subscription to the newsletter Tax Tips You Can Bank On.


Site for Students
Accounting majors will want to bookmark this Web site for its lengthy list of links to financial aid and scholarship opportunities, paid internships and temporary and full-time employment. The resources button on the home page offers links to all state societies, CPA exam information, guidance on how to write a business proposal and a detailed overview of the GMAT exam.

For Check Cutters
At this e-stop CPAs handling their own payroll can find a currency converter, Department of Labor news, payroll-solution and tax-filing surveys and free audio seminars on topics such as exempt and nonexempt employees. The resources section offers access to calculators that can help determine net and gross pay or the future value of 401(k) contributions. Users also can find electronic forms W-2C and W-3C compliant with Social Security Administration filing requirements.

Of Import to Women
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) Web site offers research on child care, sick leave and unemployment issues, and a “Women’s Economic Status in the States” report that includes statistics on female business ownership and managerial and professional jobs. Users also can read current and archived issues of “IWPR’s Research News Reporter,” with data relevant to working women and their families.

Shake Things Up
CPAs thinking about revamping their organizational systems with small- or large-scale changes will find help here. The resources section offers links to Web-based software solutions and free demos, as well as articles on change management, such as “Cultural Aspects of Systemic Change.” Visitors also can access a directory of change consultants and read the primer, “Change Management 101.”

For Facilitators and Managers
After implementing organizational changes, team leaders can improve workplace productivity with resources from the Performance Management Co. e-stop. There’s a free newsletter with ideas and tips for managing teams and facilitating projects, and articles including “Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly” on managing change and personal growth and “Thoughts on Dealing With Resistance to Change and Negativism.”


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