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Search for Solutions

Information technology consultants and CPAs can register for free at this Web site and compare hardware and software in categories such as infrastructure and systems management and Web and applications development. The Business Solutions section includes links to accounting and finance, business intelligence and knowledge management products.

Research and Resources

Network administrators and IT consultants and managers can access for free all of this Web site’s content including articles such as “You’ve Been Hacked: What to Do in the First Five Minutes” and discussion threads where users can get feedback from experts on their questions. In addition members can comparison shop in the Product Information section, sign up for e-mail newsletters to get expert commentary and download checklists, templates and white papers.

An Online Software Library

This Web site, launched in 1993 for software downloads, now includes more than 30,000 titles and reviews for computer programs in categories such as business, the Internet and multimedia. In addition to links to online software stores, offers free newsletters and financial and technology articles.

Find Freeware Fast

IT consultants and tech-savvy CPAs can click on the Free Access section of this site to download Web author components such as applets and java scripts, find links to software, order a CD-ROM full of freeware, read technology news and register for e-mail newsletters.

Virtual Marketing Tools

IT consultants and professionals in charge of online marketing content will want to check out Concept Marketing Group’s e-stop containing links to articles on online banner advertising, site content improvement and Web-based marketing strategies. Visitors also can subscribe for a free Internet marketing newsletter.

Technology News Online

Technology consultants and small business owners will want to stop by this Web site and read the latest IT news articles such as “Software Firms Chase Sarbanes-Oxley Biz.” Users also can have lists of new software and services e-mailed to them weekly as well as tap into sales leads for more effective marketing strategies.

IT Advice You Can Use

Professionals looking to turn IT data into useable advice for their businesses should go to this Web site for a free hard-copy or electronic subscription to Intelligent Enterprise magazine. The print version offers readers departments including Data Warehouse Designer, E-Business Developer and Information Supply Chain, while its online counterpart publishes Web exclusives such as “Sarbanes-Oxley: The Document Management Dimension” and has archived issues back to 1998, discussion forums, a research library, vendor white papers and Web seminars.

Resources for Internal Controls

Auditors will want to visit this Web site, created by Toys “R” Us manager of internal audit Rich Lanza, to find articles such as “What You Don’t Know About Sarbanes-Oxley” as well as links to related Web sites including (see above). Lanza’s site also offers a free newsletter on using audit software.

Free Articles and Newsfeeds

This Web stop offers “real-time technology news from around the world” on topics such as computer hackers, e-commerce, Internet privacy, networking and wireless computing. Along with a breaking news section visitors will find free newsletters and real-time newsfeeds no older than 15 minutes from ABCNews SciTech and no more than 30 minutes old from E-Commerce Times (see Smart Stop below).

E-News to Peruse

This e-stop offers “24-hour news, analysis and strategy” with current and archived articles on all things tech-related in categories including B2B, cybercrime and Internet marketing. Users also can register for free newsletters on data security, e-commerce and the wireless industry, to name a few, as well as free technology newsfeeds and a message board for discussing linked articles on technology topics.

A Sister Site

A fellow E-Commerce Times-run Web site, narrows its focus to fit the e-business market with articles on databases, data storage and network security. Article titles include “Is Broadband Really Changing E-Business?” “Privacy vs. Internet Piracy” and “Google Branches Out Again With Overseas News.”


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