Smart Stops on the Web

Keep Current on Legislation
The Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Web site offers practitioners and taxpayers background information on current and proposed tax policies in site sections including Legislative alert and Speeches and Testimony. ATR also distributes its quarterly newsletter The Tax Reformer free to subscribers and posts archived issues online.

Profit From Prophet
Tax professionals, as well as domestic and foreign taxpayers, will want to bookmark this Web site for help in deciphering the Internal Revenue Code. Users also can find links to articles, interactive tax applications and the section Tax Hound, which features warnings about tax scams, and analysis for state and private investigators, prosecutors and attorneys.

Alerts, Bulletins and Forms
Law firm Pillsbury Winthrop LLP includes a tax section on its Web site that taxpayers and professionals alike can benefit from. In addition to offering tax alerts and forms, CPAs can find tax bulletins in the following categories: corporate, exempt organizations, general, international, partnership and state and local.

Don’t Tax Yourself Looking for Links
Nonmember visitors to the National Tax Association (NTA) Web site will find many links to tax-related information such as research and policy data, government links and tax news courtesy of . Paid subscribers have access to all sections of the NTA Web site and get the National Tax Journal quarterly.

Easy Access to Free Filing
Tax preparers can link to the department of taxation Web sites of all 50 states, thanks to the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA). They also can get tax forms and direct links to the 28 states that offer free e-filing. The FTA home page provides access to rate tables for state excise, income and sales taxes.

A Lot of Links
CPAs can find free online resources at the Institute for Professionals in Taxation Web site—for example, annual financial reports, company information and census data—through links to tax-related Web sites, as well as to state departments of revenue and home pages.

Throw Your Resume in the Ring
Looking for executive or middle-management positions in accounting? Visit the Fortune Personnel Consultants Web site and search for jobs by discipline, education, industry, region and salary; then post your resume for free. Also, check the Tips and Resources section for information on composing an effective resume and interview strategies.

Brabec Means Business
For anyone working from home—or considering it—Barbara Brabec’s Web site is worth a visit. This home-business owner has archived several back issues of her e-newsletters, The Brabec Bulletin and ComputerTalk , which include titles such as “The State of Home Business in Today’s Economy” and “Virus Prevention Tips,” respectively.

Big Ideas for Small Businesses
This Kauffman Foundation Web site offers new or small business owners a chance to hear from their peers on starting and growing a company by posting articles written by entrepreneur authors: Titles include “Your First Investment: The Start Up Executive Team” and “What Next? Marketing After the Start Up.” Visitors also can access business and computer glossaries, as well as use a detailed search engine created specifically for entrepreneurs.

Find. Analyze. Buy. Sell.
In addition to offering the usual stock- market-related Web site features—such as analysis, company information, market developments and screening tools—this e-stop includes the Multex Method: a four-step market screening methodology mentioned in the above title. Users can get free detailed information on finding, analyzing, buying and selling stocks, as well as receive free annual reports for industries including banking, financial services and telecommunications.

Links for the Global Economy
This page of Assumption College’s Web site is geared toward professionals and educators in international business and economics, and includes numerous links to sites related to the global marketplace. Visitors can find many topics to search among, including financial economics, mathematical and quantitative methods, and the methodology and history of economic thought.


Tax reform complicates year-end tax planning

Get your clients ready for tax season with these year-end tax planning strategies, which address how to make the most of recent tax law changes, such as the new deduction for qualified business income and the cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes.


What RPA is and how it works

Robotic process automation is like an Excel macro that can work on multiple applications, says Danielle Supkis Cheek, CPA. RPA can complete routine, repetitive tasks such as data entry, freeing up employee time from lower-level chores.