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IT Resources Online
Information technology consultants and tech-savvy CPAs can read e-Learning —the magazine for enterprise learning and knowledge management strategies—at this Web site. Users can peruse current and archived cover stories, features and columns on business management and online education.

“Linking People, Learning and Performance”
The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Web stop offers practitioners online-education stories such as “Writing for Global E-Learners” and “Terms of Engagement: Keeping Learners Online.” Also, ASTD provides links to a discussion board for training and development professionals and a glossary of e-words.

E-School’s in Session
U.S. News & World Report’s e-learning Web page offers CPAs articles such as “E-Learn and Earn” and “E-Learning Today,” as well as a glossary of terms for e-students. Wonder how electronic learning differs from the traditional experience? Need to know what kind of hardware your computer setup requires for you to be able to study at home? Join the discussion forum and talk to experts and peers to get answers to these questions and more.

CPE Online
If you’re looking for online courses for CPE credit in accounting and auditing, business law, financial planning and taxation, visit this Web site. Each online course—written and administered using AICPA, National Association of State Boards of Accounting (NASBA) and state society guidelines—averages 20 CPE credit hours and costs approximately $120.

Train In-House for Credit
In addition to offering for CPE credit courses similar to the site above, Western CPE also provides in-house training in accounting, computers and technology, finance, management and tax. Some course titles include “From Accountant to Strategist” and “Detecting and Preventing Fraud.”

Your Course to Class
This Bisk Education Web stop offers accountants CPE credit for a new course, “Accounting Profession Reform: Restoring Confidence in the System.” Other available fields of study include auditing, consulting services, government and nonprofit accounting, management and taxation.


A Big Small Business Portal
Small business owners looking for a springboard to online e-business and e-marketing resources will want to bookmark this site. With more than 3,000 articles on topics including attracting customers, copyright protection, effective Web content and writing for the Internet, this portal offers something for every Web-based company looking to make and save money. The Hot Topics and Guest Experts sections link to other professionals’ advice and tips for building a viable e-business.

Advice for the Soloist
Anyone working out of a small or home office can get free quarterly e-mail newsletters with insights for the self-employed from author and corporate consultant Terri Lonier’s Web site. Her e-stop’s frequently asked questions section addresses queries such as, “How much start-up capital does a typical small business need?”

Providing for the Common Defense
The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Web site gives U.S. military personnel free financial information. Sections include accounting services, civilian, commercial and military pay, and retired and annuitant pay. The Money Matters section gives links to information on disbursement, garnishment, out-of-service debt and transportation and travel pay.

In the Pink
Roughly 33 million workers in the United States are self-employed according to author Dan Pink’s Web site. He categorizes them as either microbusinesses, soloists or temps. His Web site features articles he authored, such as “Would It Work to Swap Distant Elder-Care Duty?” and “Custom Postage: An Idea That Might Stick.” Other sections include Pink’s Free Agent Top News and Tip of the Week.

Better Safe Than Sorry
The Department of Homeland Security addresses on its Web stop,, what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. The agency offers a checklist for necessary supplies and gives guidelines for making a preparedness kit and an emergency contingency plan whether you’re home, on the road or at work. Also, this site tells you what to do if you’re caught in an explosion, nuclear blast or exposed to radiation.


Supercharge your audit process with AI

Auditors today can employ AI to automate tedious tasks and gain far greater insights from their clients’ information. This free report lays out a five-step process for implementing AI and shows ways AI can add value to the auditing process.


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