It’s Career Day Again—Resource List

The AICPA offers the CPA Information Package (CPA iPACK). Its highlights are the “Takin’ Care of Business” video, education handbook and career guides. The 15-minute video features five young, successful CPAs in exciting careers ranging from an FBI special agent to the controller of the New York Jets. Combining animation with real-life profiles, this entertaining video also discusses CPA career opportunities. The handbook contains 15 lesson plans, with objectives and instruction procedures, topic overviews, student-learning activities and solution sets. The iPACK also contains 25 career guides that discuss services CPAs provide and the industries they work in, as well as earnings potential and the requirements for becoming a CPA. Enclosed also is a Presenter’s Guide, with topics of discussion and an order guide for purchasing additional CPA iPACKs or its components, a list of state CPA society contacts, a poster and a questionnaire/ evaluation form.

Orders for the iPACK or its individual components can be placed through CPA2Biz at 888-777-7077. The iPACK product number is 872530 and the cost is $20 plus shipping and handling.

To help teachers use the iPACK materials, the AICPA created the high school educator symposium concept. The symposium is an all-day conference (approximately 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) that can be held at various locations, including a state society’s facility, a college campus or a hotel. Teachers specializing in mathematics, economics and business education as well as career advisers, principals and administrators from targeted high schools are invited to attend. Guidance counselors and career advisers from colleges and universities in the area are invited as well. A resource guide is available to assist states or firms interested in implementing the program. To obtain a copy, download it from .

Student recruiting with Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is a program that educates and informs high school students of the career opportunities in accounting. Working through the state CPA societies, a CPA teams up with a BAP student to make presentations to high school audiences. The AICPA has prepared a resource guide for this program with guidelines and suggestions for implementing it. To obtain it, download a copy from .

"COOL" STUDENT WE SITES: —Created by the Pennsylvania state society, the site contains interactive games, career information and prizes. —The Maryland society’s site contains information for students about the accounting profession. —Using a nautical theme, the Indiana society’s Web page helps students “guide their way” to becoming a CPA. —The California society’s student Web page contains excellent profiles of young CPAs. The site also offers to tailor articles based on your needs. —The Illinois society’s Web site is full of fun and important information. —Web site of the Kansas state society, a comprehensive site for students.

CPA Exam Update
The AICPA, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and Prometric, a technology-based testing company, signed a joint agreement to deliver a computerized Uniform CPA Examination. The last paper-based CPA exam will be delivered in November 2003; a computer-based exam will replace the paper exam starting in early 2004.

The AICPA will continue to create and grade the computerized CPA exam; NASBA and the state boards of accountancy will be responsible for its overall administration. Prometric will deliver the exam to candidates through its network of testing centers.

The AICPA launched a Web site dedicated to the CPA exam: . The site contains information about the exam, with links to the AICPA, NASBA and the state boards of accountancy. The computer-based exam will assess critical skills, with increased emphasis on information technology and general business knowledge, and will broaden the scope in the audit and attest areas.

The AICPA board of examiners approved the structure, length and content specifications for the new format. A copy of the policy document is available at or from the AICPA examinations team. Contact Geyla Kotlyar at 201-938-3427 or via e-mail at .



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