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Business Advice for Mom and Pop

This site offers information about off-site presentations on topics such as succession and continuity, and strategy, planning and family-business policies. Free articles written by internal staff include these titles: “Supporting the Successor” and “Estate Fairness for Children In and Out of the Business.”

Make Your Practice Perfect

Looking for information on business processes, changes in management, corporate governance, e-business practices, HR and strategic planning? Find them all in this site’s management-resources section. Business news articles cover topics such as IT and software companies, layoffs and changes, and stunning growth.


Virtual M&A Adviser

“Issues, trends and strategies for successful mergers and acquisitions” are featured here. Registered guests can access the discussion forum and download section, as well as receive discounts at the online store. The discussion forum includes general questions and answers about mergers and acquisitions, and the download section includes audio clips, documents and speeches from industry leaders on M&A issues.

For Dot-Com Buyers and Sellers

Current statistical data on dot-com fire sales and the dot-com marketplace, news of Internet shutdowns and resource-pooling mergers as well as articles on buying-and-selling strategies are available here. Users can read stories such as “Buying a European Technology Company—Key Questions,” “Five Tips for Sellers of Dot-Coms” and “M&A Outlook for Internet Consulting Firms.”


Intro to Bankruptcy Law

This site offers information on Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, forms and court filing procedures. Users can access online tutorials on the following topics: types of bankruptcy, the structure of bankruptcy law, exemption and property law, and how to calculate equity.

Bankruptcy-Law Links

The law firm Swiggart & Agin, LLC, in Boston hosts the Bankruptcy Lawfinder, offering users related information and resources. Site sections include courts and cases, regulations and statutes. The bankruptcy law resources section includes links to the American Bankruptcy Institute, a directory of companies in Chapter 11 proceedings and the Center for Debt Management.


America’s Story

History buffs can take a virtual tour of America’s past at this Library of Congress site. The “Meet Amazing Americans” section offers profiles of famous innovators and statesmen such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson. A time line of U.S. history under the “Jump Back in Time” link includes information from the nation’s struggle for independence in colonial times to major accomplishments such as sending a man to the moon during the modern era.

Small-Business Resource ( formerly

Small-business owners can find information on starting and running a business here. An ask-the-experts forum, discussion threads and shared tips add to the site’s content. Business names, e-commerce, marketing and working at home are some of the topics in the CyberSchmooz area. Membership is free and gives access to information on business awards, contests and grants.

SBA Addresses 9/11

The Small Business Administration (SBA) created a large disaster-assistance section on its Web site in response to the events of September 11th. Visitors will find links to local assistance programs and to state and federal disaster loans and grants. Other resources include the SBA’s answer desk for questions about financing and starting a small business.

Disaster-Recovery Information

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) site added three sections after the terrorist attacks on the United States. Victims Benefits and Assistance lists organizations addressing individual and business-related concerns, contact information and victims’ eligibility requirements. The New York Recovery News section has links to city and state emergency-management offices. Information About Anthrax gives U.S. Postal Service updates.

Find the Perfect Job

Finding a new job or changing careers just got a lot less stressful. This site features JobSpider, a search engine for positions by title and location, as well as JobFactory’s own list of 250 top career sites. Plus, users can find links to more than 23,000 Web sites that post available jobs and want ads from most online U.S. newspapers.

Where to find December’s flipbook issue

The Journal of Accountancy is now completely digital. 





Get Clients Ready for Tax Season

This comprehensive report looks at the changes to the child tax credit, earned income tax credit, and child and dependent care credit caused by the expiration of provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act; the ability e-file more returns in the Form 1040 series; automobile mileage deductions; the alternative minimum tax; gift tax exemptions; strategies for accelerating or postponing income and deductions; and retirement and estate planning.