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The New Banking Hours—24/7

This e-bank offers its customers the same services they would find at any traditional institution—certificates of deposit, interest checking, overdraft protection and savings accounts—as well as bill payment and brokerage services. Customers also have access to other online resources such as the Free ATM Finder for locating nationwide, surcharge-free ATMs.

Online Financial Strategies

In addition to offering a subscription to its e-zine and archived issues (click on Subscriptions for pricing information), this site also provides customers with a free sample of five articles from the Online Banking Report archives, and boasts more than 1,000 pages of useful ideas and Net banking products, plus links to the home pages of the 100 largest U.S. banks.

Money, Mortgages and MSN

This page of Microsoft’s has information, resources and a search tool for online banking. The banking commentary section explores the topic “Why isn’t cash obsolete?” as of this writing. The mortgages and loans section lets you apply online once and receive multiple home or car loan offers, as well as find the best current credit card rates. The Step-by-Step Guides section “Bank Online” gives users advice on what to look for in an e-bank and what tools they will need to begin e-transactions.

The Business of Banks

This site offers the latest auto loan, mortgage and credit card rates here. In addition, users have access to tools to rate banks, find local branches and see national averages on mortgages and credit cards. Financial calculators and a free subscription to Bankrate’s electronic newsletter are also available.

A Quick Course in Online Banking’s Online Banking Center gives users an introduction to and basic information about conducting electronic banking transactions. Topics include Web banking basics, paying bills and mortgages online, and banking software. Articles on topics in banking and links to related information also are available.

Electronic Transaction Resources

The Banking and Investing Online Resource Group publishes articles with titles such as “How to Manage and Strengthen Your Dream Sales Team,” and offers a Q&A section devoted to customer service and online banking. By clicking on the Fraud Reporting tab, users can get links to fraud prevention and reporting organization Web sites including the Federal Trade Commission and the Fraud Bureau.


Compensation Plan Information

This American Benefit Corp. Web site offers some general information on compensation and benefits, including descriptions and a few illustrative tables. Topics include benefit security, nonqualified 401(k) plans for executives, and plan accounting and funding.

Thwart Fraud Here

The mission of the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is to “address fraud committed over the Internet.” Directions for filing a complaint are available at this site, as well as press releases involving FBI and National White Collar Crime Center involvement in e-fraud prevention. Another section of this site offers tips on spotting and avoiding Internet fraud (see Technology Q&A ).

The Bush Tax Cut Explained

QuickBooks Payroll Services offers small businesses and taxpayers an explanation of President George W. Bush’s Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001. A checklist is included, as well as an FAQ section. This site also gives specific advice about the impact of the tax law on business owners and individuals related to payroll changes, retirement planning, and estate and gift taxes.

Find a Job, Find an Employee

Alumni from every high school, college, university, graduate, vocational and adult-education school can post resumes and find jobs, and employers can find employees for internships, temporary assignments, and part- and full-time work. Visitors to the site can search for available scholarships, government grants and loans, as well as read a glossary of terms, and education and career tips for parents and students.

An E-Travel Agent

Visitors to this site can make airline, hotel and car reservations, as well as choose what kind of car they want to drive and what size hotel room they’d prefer by using detailed drop-down menus. Users can also subscribe to a weekly e-newsletter with travel deals, tips and links to other resources. Registration is free.


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