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Business Resources

This home page is full of links to “strictly business sites” such as online associations and e-zines. Users can find industry-specific information on accounting, economics and investments, to name a few. The business plans section of the site offers a link to a bookstore where business people can find titles on writing and implementing their plans. Visitors also can link to, which provides links to various discount and gratis promotional offers.

The Voice of Small Business

This National Federation of Independent Business site includes a tools and tips section with articles for small-business owners, such as “Six Ways to Keep Employees Safe on the Road,” “The Small Business Owner’s Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep” and “A Checklist for Starting a Small Business.”

A Big Site for Small Companies

Registration here is necessary but free and lets users seek advice from peers, share experiences and publicize their businesses with profile pages and listings in the site’s online directory. Linked articles of interest cover topics such as business planning, human resources, legal issues and raising capital. They are accompanied by’s own rating system on the article’s helpfulness.

Free Articles Here

If you’re buying, selling or determining the value of your business, this Web site offers free articles on all three of those subjects. Titles include “Finding the Right Business to Buy” and “What Makes the Sale of a Business Fall Through?” There’s also an “Ask the Expert” message board to help users get answers to tough business questions.

Keep Up With Industry News

This online resource center for small businesses groups its free articles by “business zones” or sectors such as advertising, communications, marketing and telecommunications. Registration is free and comes with a subscription to a newsletter that offers business tips and ideas.

Channel Surf Here

Articles on business topics, a free newsletter and special offers on reference materials are available here. Channels include Internet, accounting and consulting. There’s no charge for a subscription.

Business Plan Preparation

This Center for Business Planning site offers sample business plans, analyses of business strategies and sections on writing and evaluating business and marketing plans. The site also features links to other resources including a business directory and a glossary.

A Site for Survivors

How-to articles, surveys and reports and an ask-the-experts section make up the bulk of the Small Business Survival Center. Articles are broken down by categories such as starting and running a business and dealing with technology. Titles include “10 Ways to Lower Your Computer Support Bills” and “Top 10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes.”

Solutions for Growing Businesses

Users can access the current and archived electronic versions of Entrepreneur magazine, as well as BizStartups and HomeOfficemag , at this site. Visitors can get free subscriptions to e-newsletters and access to Entrepreneur’s annual guide of more than 400 start-up opportunities and the five-part guide, “How to Build a Business Plan.”

Help for Small Businesses

Visitors here have access to sample business plans, classified ads, employment forms, model legal forms and business agreements. Articles and guidance are also offered on topics such as the Small Business Administration’s disaster-assistance program and generating traffic for your company’s Web site.


For the Discerning Consumer

This site features product reviews written by the people who know these items best—the consumers who purchase and use them. All candid reviews have strengths, weaknesses and summaries of the products. Categories include auto, computer hardware, electronics, and home and garden. These are further broken down into item-specific sections like desktops, notebooks and personal digital assistants.

Global Estate and Trust Law

The entities through which wealth is transferred—corporations, partnerships and common law trusts—are the main topics of study for the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law. In the public area of this Web site, users can search articles, books and speeches by members. Titles include “Overview of China Tax Law” and “The Federal Transfer Tax System: An Introduction.”


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Preparing the statement of cash flows

This instructive white paper outlines common pitfalls in the preparation of the statement of cash flows, resources to minimize these risks, and four critical skills your staff will need as you approach necessary changes to the process.


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