Smart Stops on the Web

Tech News Found Here

This site offers news and articles of interest for those who need to keep up with the latest technological advances and government rulings on Web-based privacy issues and telecommunications legislation. Also available is a section where users can download software and computer games.

Links to Tech-Related Organizations

Links to hundreds of computer and communications-related associations can be found here, including the Alliance for Community Media, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and the American Association of Domain Names.

Nerd Is the Word

Wear your pocket protectors and clip-on ties with pride: At this site nerds rule. The homepage calls it “your source for nerdy culture, life and work styles,” but the site is really geared to the computer literate. In addition to a section where users can submit stories about their computer-related experiences, The Nerd Wide Web Resources section links to business, communication, computer and government sites as well as to the Nifty Fifty—Web sites devoted to topics such as business, news and technology.

An E-Alliance Online

The Electronic Industries Alliance site offers information on the group’s standard-setting activities (see its Technology and Standards section) and publications in the fields of electronic components, consumer electronics, electronic information and telecommunications. The latest topic for discussion and legislative action is electronics reuse and recycling.

Technological Tax Tools

This site offers taxpayers and preparers online tools to calculate what they or their clients owe or are owed come tax time. It includes mutual fund basis calculators and alternative minimum tax and social security estimators, as well as present and future value calculators. Registration is free and gives users access to electronic tools as well as to a tax professional in their area, using the site’s zip-code-referenced search engine.


More Than a Portal

When is an accounting portal more than just an accounting portal? When it includes personalized features like the Life Events Planning section, an address book, an online calendar and sections for organizing tasks and keeping personal notes. Also here are the most recent accounting headlines and articles from the Electronic Accountant (see below) as well as links to Web sites for accounting and auditing, financial planning and taxation. Registration is free.

An E-Zine for the Industry

With features such as a newswire, news archives, Web links, a practice management center and a technology consulting section, the Electronic Accountant has something for anyone involved in the world of modern accounting. Also included are links to the current online issues of Accounting Today and the Practical Accountant.

For the Business Traveler

This site could have been subtitled “everything you always wanted to know about airports, but were afraid to download” as it features not only links to major American and international airports but also detailed maps for each.

Convert Currency Quickly

This Web page features daily domestic and foreign currency exchange rates, in addition to an online currency converter. Foreign exchange market news is available here as is an extensive frequently-asked-questions section that points users to glossaries and other related online resources.

For Money-Minded Children

Designed for children wanting to make the most of their allowances and for parents attempting to get a jump on their kids’ financial education, offers free registration to let children start their own savings accounts. They can also learn the basics of smart investing by starting financial portfolios.

Keep Your Pets From Getting Peeved

“No Dogs Allowed” isn’t a sign you’ll see on this site, designed for business and family travelers who like to take their pets along for the ride, flight or cruise. The Search by Route feature lets users type in their departure and destination points to receive driving directions that include en route pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and even amusement parks with kennel facilities. Local pet sitters are also listed. International pet-friendly locations and world-wide quarantine information is also available.

Where to find June’s flipbook issue

The Journal of Accountancy is now completely digital. 





Better decision-making with data analytics

Data analytics has become a hot topic, but many organizations have not yet managed to understand its potential, let alone put it to work. This report will take a deep-dive on how to best introduce or enhance the use of data in decision-making.