Smart Stops on the Web

Online News for Employees

The Employee Benefit News site offers free access to news stories, as well as management tips for employers and a list of links to other resources. Also included is a discussion thread for online dialogues on benefits topics.

And the Survey Says...

The Employee Benefits Home Page has current statistics on employee benefit issues, including pension plans, compensation and vacation time. It provides contact information for allied government agencies, as well as survey information regarding 401(k) plans and medical benefits packages.

All Things 401(k) [No www. designation needed]

This site deals with what employers need to consider when planning their company’s 401(k) savings and investments programs. Three sections—plan information, plan applications and plan assistance—cover all aspects of settling on the right 401(k) plan for your employees. There’s a frequently asked questions section as well as contact information for requesting further assistance.


For the Aware Investor

The Internet’s Guide to Ethical Investment Resources promotes techniques for putting your money into a company that has a social conscience and will also bring you a healthy return. Included are links to sites such as Coop America’s socially responsible mutual funds and a section on how to avoid investing in companies whose products, such as styrofoam, for example, are deleterious to the environment.

More on Ethical Investing

This site advocates putting your money where it will do the most good—for you and society in general. Social, ethical and environmental investing issues are discussed as are socially responsible consuming and corporate accountability. Resource links and how-to guides are offered.

Still More on Ethical Investing

The S-R-Invest (socially responsible investing) site features an alphabetical list of links to other organizations involved with allocating investment funds to corporations that adhere to sound legal and environmental considerations. Other resources at this site include links to articles and publications on allied topics.


A Site With Value [No www. designation needed] provides information and resources for business appraisers. The economic data section includes links to the consumer price index as well as a treasury management database with current bond yields and interest rates. Links to valuation associations and related newsletters are included.

The Business of Sales

Although this site is sponsored by and geared toward salespeople, its travel center and daily online news section will interest anyone. In the travel center, users can book flights, trains, hotel rooms and car rentals as well as access online maps and travel directions within the United States. News features are extracted from other online services such as CBS and

For the Comparison Shopper

Online consumers will be interested in checking out this site whose primary purpose is to scout the Web for robots —Web sites that will research other sites and list comparable prices for any item you specify—to make sure that you are aware of the best value for an online purchase. Links to general consumer information and government agencies are also provided.

After You’ve Compared Prices…

Before purchasing the items you’ve let’s robots research for you (see above), access this site to get more information on practical considerations when shopping online. Created by the American Bar Association Section of Business Law, the site posts frequently asked questions and their answers. Security, privacy and payment are discussed, and there are links to agencies that handle complaints.

The Key to the Gate…Way

Communi-Gate offers accounting and other professionals links to products, services and resources for many specialty areas, including accounting and auditing, financial planning, business valuation and technology consulting. Register for free and receive their monthly newsletter by mail or electronically.

Where to find September’s flipbook issue

The Journal of Accountancy is now completely digital. 





2022 Payroll Update

Employees working remotely have created numerous issues for employers. The 2022 Payroll Update report provides insight on remote workforce tax issues, pandemic payroll issues and employer credits, and worker classification issues in the gig economy.