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A Guide to E-Commerce

The Electronic Commerce Guide has it all: product reviews, related links, a free bimonthly newsletter and discussion forums.

An Electronic Encyclopedia

If all you're looking for in the above site is a better understanding of frequently used Internet terminology, go directly to this page.

U.S. Policy on E-Commerce

The U.S. Department of Commerce has set up this site to explain in detail the government's policy on electronic commerce. Also included is a section on international sites and the e-commerce policies of other governments.

A Site for Corporations

Stephen H. Glad, CPA, CFE, provides companies with a list of links to accounting, auditing and finance sites as well as links to consulting services and government agencies.

Compare, But Don't Despair

Are you being paid what you're worth? Would you like to see comparative salaries in your field of expertise? Or learn how to negotiate a higher salary? Visit the JobSmart Home site for more information.

Benefit From These Links

The National Employee Benefits Web site provides employee benefits information and related topics, such as jobs in the employee benefits field and upcoming employee benefits conferences, meetings and seminars. Post your own conference announcement here free of charge, too.

For Web Site Reviews

The Argus Clearinghouse site searches out and rates the overall usefulness of various Web sites. Site topics include business and employment, estate planning, law, computers and information technology, and government and law.


The Model Site

Noted Web authority Jakob Nielsen posts articles and advice here. And the site itself, a masterpiece of simplicity and usability, can serve as a model for anyone designing Web pages for the first time.

The Other Guy Who Owns Microsoft

Paul Allen helped found Microsoft but has moved on to a variety of other things: His site is an intriguing mix of bold design, business and technology news and sports. Find out what's new in Silicon Valley, and feel free to post a question.

The Web University

Web experts love silly names, but the pages of free advice on Web design, content, promotion and e-commerce are a serious help. Sign up for a free newsletter.

Financial Planner Cheat Sheet

What does "selling short" mean? What is a derivative financial instrument? Go here for more than 5,000 definitions of financial terms, from the general to the arcane.

Where Are You Going?

James Angelini, CPA, has created a program that calculates the cost of living in different locations, taking into account housing costs, local taxes and many other factors. The online version is free; a downloadable version, with extra features, can be purchased at .

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Excel walk-through: Sparklines

Want to liven up your spreadsheets with some color and graphical elements? Kelly L. Williams, CPA, Ph.D., shows how to use Excel sparklines, which illustrate data trends and patterns via small charts that fit in a single Excel cell.