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One Step Duplication

The best scanners have the ability to scan, copy, print and fax documents, but users usually have to go through a time-consuming process involving many mouse clicks every time they need to use one. The PaperPort OneTouch scanner, a flatbed design, features buttons that run all those processeswithout the need to access software menus for each jobincluding one that quickly stops and cancels the current job.

The suggested retail price for PaperPort OneTouch is $200. More information: Visioneer, 34800 Campus Drive, Fremont, California 94555; 800-787-7007; .

WinZip Offers Fast File Compression

People who save or send large files should become accustomed to working with zipped (compressed) files. WinZip is one of the original data-compressing programs whose developers keep abreast of the latest compression technology.

It has built-in support to let users work with Internet file formats. With WinZips Self-Extractor Personal Edition, users can create files that unzip themselves: This feature is ideal for sending large compressed files to people who do not have their own compression software.

The suggested retail price for WinZip is $29. More information: Nico Mak Computing, Inc., PO Box 540, Mansfield, Connecticut 06268; 877-724-4600; .

Save Yourself the Expense of a Binder

Small businesses that distribute large company reports or presentations can save money by binding their own materials. Spiral Binding Co. has a unit that assembles a report or presentation by functioning in three ways: as a hole-puncher, an inserter and a binder.

The OD 4000 ICs interchangeable parts punch holes in a variety of binding formatsplastic coil, comb, wire and three-hole. The product also binds books that are up to one-inch thick, which translates into approximately 250 pages.

Price ranges from $1,300 to $2,200 depending on the parts ordered. More information: Spiral Binding Company, Inc., PO Box ata backup is vitaleveryone agrees. Yet many CPAs either forget to run backups regularly or just find it too time-consuming during their busy season. And even if they consistently back up every night, a computer crash could still occur at any time before the backup.

There are expensive systems that solve that problem. Mirror systems employ two hard disks: Every time a file is saved to one, it automatically and simultaneously saves to the second. Thus one is a mirror image of the other. Should one fail, you can get your data from the second. The only drawback is that such systems are expensive. Now Arco Computer Products has developed an economical mirror system. DupliDisk is an electronic unit that is easily installed in a personal computer for a foolproof, built-in, nonstop backup system.

The suggested retail price for DupliDisk-Direct is $245. More information: Arco Computer Products, Inc.; 2750 North 29th Avenue, Suite 316, Hollywood, Florida 33020; 954-925-2688; .


Preparing the statement of cash flows

This instructive white paper outlines common pitfalls in the preparation of the statement of cash flows, resources to minimize these risks, and four critical skills your staff will need as you approach necessary changes to the process.


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