Smart Stops on the Web


A One-Stop Investment Resource
This site provides information for investors including a free portfolio tracker, a glossary of investment terms, a directory of approximately 5,000 public companies' Web sites and a free annual report service that includes 1,000 publicly traded companies. The most useful feature is probably the directory, which provides more than 8,000 links to investing Web sites broken down by category.

Research Before You Retire
This site calls itself Retirement.Com. Although that's not its Web address, it's devoted to retirement planning investment information. The site includes sections with detailed treatments of traditional and Roth IRAs, investing at work and a retirement round table that features a helpful Q&A discussion.

An Insider's View
This site is maintained by Michael Schmidt, an online investor who shares tips on finding the right broker, selecting stocks and following the market. The section called SmartMarks links to noteworthy investment Web sites.

Learn From the Experts
Equity Analytics, Ltd., an independent consulting firm, has a large Web site that offers information on stocks, bonds, options, futures and commodities and financial planning. Also included is a discount bookstore with related titles.

For Quick Reference
If you're looking for investment resources, here's a good place to visit. The site has an extensive list of departmentsfrom investments and insurance to banking and retirement funds that include the latest news, questions and answers and recommended reading.

A Timely Site
Never wonder what time it is in another countryif it's too late or early to call. This site posts local times all over the world. Indexed by country and city, it also adjusts for daylight savings time.

Every Penny Accounted For
The THOMAS congressional Web site has posted the entire appropriations bill, H.R. 4328, in both HTML (text) and PDF formats, the latter requiring the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program ( ). But be warned: The bill is nearly four megabytes, can take 15 minutes or more to download and runs over 2,000 printed pages.

When the Money Runs Out
The nonprofit Debt Counselors of America offers free advice for people in debt or those who just want information on credit and various financial planning issues. CPAs can mine this resource on behalf of clients.


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