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Give Your Personal Scheduler the Personal Touch

L ooking for a personnel scheduling program that is equally adaptable to an office with no more than 12 people and a large company with many departments? Consider the Personnel Scheduler Pro 2000. The software can be used to schedule individual personnel tasks or an entire team's day-to-day operations.

All saved data —such as employee names, job titles, hours of operation—can be accessed from drop-down menus and inserted with a few quick clicks of your mouse. Any individual—even if he or she is recorded multiple times—can be deleted with one mouse click. The Pro 200 issues a warning if duplicate scheduling is attempted. Users can display an onscreeen calendar grid to get an overall view of schedules or click on the print option for hard copies. This program can also down load information in an ASCII file for use in other programs.

The suggested retail price is $349 for one user and $699 for an unlimited number of network users. More information: Right On Programs, 778 New York Avenue, Huntington, New York 11743; 516-424-7777; . Upgrade Your Windows 98 Backup and Data Protection Program

W indows 98 includes a stripped-down version of Seagate's backup and data-protection program, but with the investment of a few dollars, you can have more features and an even more powerful backup system: Seagate's Backup Exec Desktop 98.

The software includes an emergency recovery feature that automatically rebuilds your operating system and restores backup data without having to reinstall Windows. A catalog and file-find feature quickly locates and restores backed-up files. Another option allows you to schedule backups to occur automatically—during off-hours, for instance. The software also allows you to back up data to visual media, such as a recordable and/or rewriteable CD-ROM.

The suggested retail price is $99. More information: Seagate Software, 400 International Parkway, Heathrow Florida 32746; 888-732-2021; . "Sweep" Unwanted Internet Files From Your Hard Drive Program

D o you want to clean out old, useless Internet files from your hard drive, but you're afraid of deleting files your computer can't do without? Or do you just want to keep your surfing anonymous? Try WebSweep. This software finds and deletes all nonessential Internet files.

For novice Web surfers unsure of which files to clear out, Web Sweep provides a choice between cleaning their hard drive automatically and examining each file individually and deciding whether or not to delete it.

Another feature of this program is WebSweep's Anonymous Cookie utility. Cookie files keep track of all of your computer's Internet activity. The utility secures your surfing privacy by deleting these cookies.

The suggested retail price is $20. More information: Luckman Interactive, Inc., 1055 West 7th Street, Suite 2580, Los Angeles California 90017; 800-711-2676; . Looks like a Disk Drive, Works Like a File Manager

I f you use multiple media to store and access your computer data, you know how time-consuming searching for the right file can be. 1Disk is a file management system and organizational tool that appears in your computer as its own disk drive (V:) but has the ability to locate and manipulate files in all other locations—whether or not they're presently in the drive.

1Disk's file system database can track any file storage devices that are assigned drive letters—including disk, tape or CD-ROM—and gives you immediate access to any files stored on them. The software will tell you where a specific file is stored. 1Disk's file manager function then allows you to open, copy, delete ore move these files without having to leave the 1Disk drive.

The suggested retail price is $50. More information: 1Vision Software, LLC, 200 East 7th Street, Suite 204, Loveland Colorado 80537; 970-203-0727; .
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