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A Site for CPAs

The Accountant’s Home Page offers an extensive list of links to accounting organizations (including all state society home pages), publications, resources and software. It also includes a section to post meeting and seminar notices and classified ads.

A URL of Fame

The Accounting Hall of Fame at Ohio State University lists all inductees from its inception in 1950 to the present in alphabetical and chronological order. Listings include a biography of each inductee and an explanation of his or her achievements in the accounting field.

For Minority Accountants

The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA)—established in 1969—and the Center for the Advancement of Minority Accountants (CAMA)—established in 1989—are both located at this site. NABA provides a brief history of its origins as well as information about pertinent conferences and publications. CAMA provides information on its symposium, its scholarship program, student conferences and CPE.

Teaching the Teachers

Great Ideas for Teaching Accountants gives accounting educators tips on classroom management, teaching general accounting principles and management accounting ideas. Information on liabilities, present value calculations and statement preparation and analysis is also included.


For the Consumer

The Federal Trade Commission’s site offers sections on consumer protection, economic issues and business guidance, as well as contact information and links to regional offices and allied bureaus such as the Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Bureau of Economics.

The Law of the Land

This site features an extensive list of links to all U.S. government departments, congressional resources and U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The first series of links takes users to the text that started it all—the Declaration of Independence—and to other historical documents, as well as the U.S. Constitution. Also included are links to the National Archives and the Library of Congress.

For the Politically Minded

This site, a new addition to the Web, plans to be the “medium for all forms of political interest and activity—national, international, organized and not so organized.” Included on this site are political news items from the Associated Press, Reuters and various regional papers and information on candidates and federal election polls. The site has a search engine that tracks, by name and amount, any U.S. resident who has contributed money to campaign committees.

More Government Links

This site is another that features links to U.S. government agencies; however, it includes more regional ones, such as local Social Security offices. A section called Quasi-Official provides links to national museums, galleries and zoos.


Give This Site the Business

If you want to search the Web for only specific business topics, you’ll want to bookmark this URL. The site contains brief descriptions of and links to industry-specific business sites from accounting to venture capital. Pick a category, and the site gives you a list of specific sub-categories to choose from. Also included is a search engine for local business resources.

More Business Sites to Search

This site, which is provided by the College of Business at Stephen F. Austin State University, links the user to useful information about accounting, international business, computer science, economics and finance and marketing.

Invest Some Time Searching

Quick and free registration on this site will supply users with abundant investment, accounting and educational information. Sections for the entrepreneur, adviser and investor are only part of what’s available. The site also has links to many accounting associations and societies.

Search for E-Mail Addresses

The Internet Address Finder requires free registration before users can access its huge database of Internet addresses. Enter someone’s last name, and the site brings up his or her e-mail address and other contact information. Or users can put in a person’s e-mail address first and then search the available contact information.


A Source for ElderCare

On her Web site, Karen Stevenson Brown, CPA (see “A Practical Site Reaps Marketing Rewards,” JofA , Jan.97, page 69), provides information for professionals and family members in need of ElderCare resources. The site offers links to legal, financial and medical information as well as to organizations categorized by region and specific ElderCare topics such as housing, hospices and insurance concerns.

Help for Small Businesses

Free registration will allow small business owners access to information on buying and selling a business, finance, franchising, marketing and management. A forum for networking and an online help desk are also available.

A Human Resource Site

This site offers links and news about human resource topics in real time so the information is always current. Of particular interest are issues such as age bias, sexual harassment and liability.

Dow Jones Online

The Dow Jones site is customizable and includes a search engine to retrieve news and research for twenty-nine industries. It also includes links to information about careers and starting a business.

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