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For the Computer Enthusiast
Benchin Software Review explains benchin (a contraction of benchmarking), the noun, is used to mean a community of computer people helping each other buy wisely. The site reviews over 100,000 computer products and offers comprehensive product information and a search engine for software and hardware by product type, title and company name.
Data on software for home use provided on this site include manufacturers and publishers information and the location of software stores in your area. New and upcoming releases, industry news and price indexes are also included.
This site can be accessed through NetUSAs homepage,, and includes information on 650 software vendors and 20,000 software titles, some of which can be ordered online.
This database, which features a search engine, includes information on more than 110,000 software products and 22,000 software developers. In addition to the usual search options, the databases search engine also lists MIS department managers, software consultants and business owners who frequently visit the site.

We Are the World
IFAC has a new Web site, with a monthly news section, committee activities and lists of standards and EDs. Users will find the layout both handsome and easy to follow.

The Freelance Support Desk
Jeff Yablon, a programmer and technology journalist, has a wealth of resources and information on computers as well as some downloadable software. Visitors with the right hardware can listen to past broadcasts of Yablons radio show.

A Web Surfin Safari
The California Society of CPAs offers a new site for Web-surfing accountants nationwide. This electronic town hall posts information of national concern and gives visitors the opportunity to voice opinions through a series of forums.



Inside Scoop on Internal Audits
For new and different views on internal auditing, strategic assurance and the audit function, finance managers should visit this site. Included are detailed information, resources and tools.

Buy Software
Software Matchmakers, Inc. (SMI) matches software buyers with sellers by listing information on software conferences and trade shows that SMI organizes. Also included is a Web page to post resumes or job openings. A resume database is also accessible for researching suitable candidates.

Free Press
Free articles, with no copyright, are available from the Article Resource Association. Corporate managers can use the site for information and to find copy for company newsletters. Business and investing is one of 15 categories available.

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