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An On-Screen Magnifying Lens
Want to view more data on your computer screen without investing in a larger monitor? Bausch & Lomb has developed PC Magni-Viewer, a lens fitting over the screen that allows users to increase the amount of information displayed by magnifying small font sizes 175%. An accountant can fit more words on a screen page and add more columns to a screen spreadsheet without eye strain or repetitive scrolling.

This device, which attaches to any 13-, 15- or 17-inch monitor, is a 6-by-8-inch acrylic lens that accommodates most users vision requirementsincluding bifocal variances.

The suggested retail price for PC Magni-Viewer is $250. More information: Bausch & Lomb, One Bausch & Lomb Place, Rochester, New York 14604-2701; 800-771-1168 or 716-338-6660; .

A Custom Calculator for Your Computer
Do you want more from a computer calculator program than Windows provides? Judys TenKey 4.0., a customized calculator, not only performs basic computations but also can be adjusted to handle more complex calculations, such as mortgages, retirement plans and investments.

This calculator displays previous computations and saves them for future use, storing frequently used formulas as well. Since it functions in a Windows environment, Judys TenKey 4.0 calculations can be pasted into other applications. The physical look and screen position of this calculator also can be customized.

The retail price is $20. More information: Judys Applications, 2464 El Camino Real, Suite 125, San Jose, California 95135; for orders: 800-242-4775; .

An Electronic Receptionist
Looking for a receptionist who never takes a break or asks for a raise and can instantly locate you wherever you are? Wildfire, a customized telephone answering system, offers an alternative to using employees.

Wildfire, which works on a personal computer, is programmed with a natural-sounding voice that responds to a users spoken commands. Its basic features include voice-activated dialing and a voice-mail system that screens callers while noting their names, phone numbers and the urgency of each message. If youre in the middle of a call, this feature allows Wildfire to announce another call in a quieter voice that only you can hear so your current conversation is not interrupted. It also forwards your calls to any phone or voice-mail system you specify.

Advanced features include an address book that stores 150 names and allows you to dial simply by saying the contact name. Wildfire also can retrieve electronic information from your e-mail and computer and post messages as reminders.

Wildfires price ranges from $39 to $400, depending on what features you need and which phone carrier you use. More information: Wildfire Communications, Inc., 81 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts 02173; 800-945-3347; .

Another Electronic Receptionist
An additional automated phone answering system, Avox, allows each subscriber two contact numbersone primary number where the subscriber can usually be reached and a second number a subscriber can change at any time to any phone number in the world. Three different greetings can be used, and callers can mark their messages urgent or confidential. In addition, a pager alerts the subscriber to all voice and fax messages.

Avoxs advanced features allow subscribers to send, receive and forward faxes. The system can store transmissions to be printed later, if desired. Conference calling links users with up to nine people at a time. Speed dialing for frequently used numbers and a connection to an assistant or operator are included.

Avoxs price ranges from $10 to $20 a month, depending on what features are desired. More information: Avirnex Communications Group, 101 Rowland Way, Suite 300, Novato, California 94945; 415-623-3000; .


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