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General Interest

For the Pension Planner
Pension Solutions, Inc., offers this site to help create personal pension plans based on your business environment, your culture andmost importantyour needs and input. The site also provides information for both plan participants and sponsors as well as links to other pension education and related government sites.
Pension Specialists created this site to provide administrative support services for retirement plans. The site is broken down into four categories: plan design, document and installation; plan administration; daily valuation recordkeeping and reporting; and compliance.
The 401k Forum, which bills itself as the first Internet-based investment advisory service for 401(k) participants, provides information for employees and employers. One section (the Press Lounge) gives news quotes and blurbs on 401(k)issues and another lists career opportunities.
This site, maintained by the 401(k) Network, offers interactive tools to manage retirement investments. It gives users updates on the latest 401(k) news and legislation and provides frequently asked questions and answers concerning eligibility, contributions, distributions and plan assets.

Searching the Searchers
The American Systems site provides access to many major search engines and offers free advice and links especially useful to those new to online searching. Download a free 30-day evaluation version of a program that ties together dozens of search engines for efficient online surfing.

For Warren Buffett Wannabees
Request from Thomson Real-Time Quotes up to 50 stock quotes a day from the New York, American and NASDAQ exchanges. Registration is required, but this advertiser-supported site is free.

Business and Industry

All About Tax
Coopers & Lybrand offers free news for the corporate tax professional. Included are C&Ls U.S. and overseas newsletters, a tax events calendar and pages devoted to various tax issues.

How Networkers Network
The AccountWare Group created an online forum for financial systems professionals at large corporations to exchange ideas on key topics, including the implementation of new systems and technologies and the Year 2000 issue.

Your Companys Pension Guardians
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., which helps insure pension plans, maintains this site. It offers a pension search directory for missing participants, which allows users to search by name, company and state. There are also links to pension news, publications, legal information and government forms. The site is especially useful for chief financial officers responsible for pension plans.


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