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A Great Place for Practical Resources
This site, maintained by the Steinberg Business Traveler Information Network, is a great resource if youre on the road. It includes information and links to sites on car services and rentals, regional and international airlines, mapping and directions and overnight delivery services. The network also links to the next four sites.

Hotel Sweet Hotel
The Hotel Guide lists 60,000 hotels around the world. Its database allows users to search for hotel rates, specific accommodations and available facilities. The site also provides online booking for many, but not all, hotels listed.

On the Road Again
The Metro Networks site provides information on local traffic, highway conditions and delays as well as local news updates and weather advisories. There are also links to more than 1,800 radio stations and 100 television stations that broadcast the sites reports.

Table for One, Two or More
For the business traveler in need of a good meal, the Savvy Diner personally contacts the restaurant you select and confirms your reservationwhether its for a small group or a large conferencewithin 24 hours. This site considers aspects of choosing a restaurant the business traveler might not be aware ofsuch as the proximity of restaurants to hotels and airports and the popularity and quality of the bistros they recommend.   For Info on the Go
SmarTravelers site provides information to business travelers on a citys traffic conditions, best routes, transit information and links to related city services. Currently SmarTraveler covers only the Boston, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, metropolitan areas, but the service will be expanded to include most major U.S. cities.

Technology for Insiders
The Institute of Internal Auditors has launched a new site to meet the technology needs of audit professionals. Read about Y2K, e-commerce, computer audits, network security and other key issues. Although aimed primarily at internal auditors, virtually every CPA should get something out of these pages.

The Complete PFP Toolkit
With feature articles, columns, news and stock quotes, this information site provides enough depth for sophisticated financial planners. However, the Morningstar site is also sufficiently user-friendly for practitioners who perform only occasional PFP engagements.

A Different Side of a CPA
The Culture Vulture site is devoted to intelligent discussion of cultural and intellectual issues. Although there isnt much here on accounting, its founder is a CPA. His attractive, intriguing site should dispel any myths that CPAs are dull.


Taking stock of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is either the greatest thing to ever happen to human work or the dread of our existence. This independently written report explores how AI will reshape the workplace and how analytically minded individuals can stand out.


How tax reform will impact individual taxpayers

Amy Wang, a CPA who is a senior technical manager for tax advocacy at the AICPA, answers to some of the most common questions on how the new tax reform law will impact individual taxpayers.