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An Internet Site for Internet Providers
This site, hosted by the Computer Network, a new-media company with a television series devoted to technology, has detailed information on Internet service providers (ISPs), software and computer equipment reviews, news on software upgrades and troubleshooting. Visitors can register for free membership and join discussion threads on Internet topics.

The Internet Sleuth: An Electronic Hound Dog
The Internet Sleuth allows you to query over 3,000 searchable databases for information on a variety of subject categories. The Sleuth maintains a subject index of searchable databases that can be queried directly from this site to avoid downloading extraneous material.

Free Ticket to Wall Street
Real-time quotes from Thomson Investors Network, absolutely free, for AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ. For the beginner, Thomson provides help links on the home page.

They Have a Little List
This particularly easy-to-use search engine is organized by categories and series of indexes. The business and accounting lists are especially rich.

All Things Internet
The Internet Society, founded in 1992, focuses on Internet standards, education and policy issues. The site lists membership fees, which vary for individuals or organizations. Benefits include receiving OnTheInternet , an international bimonthly publication, and access to information on topics such as the legal defense of the Internet, Internet industry self-governance and Internet standards development.

Online "Frames" of Reference
This new database of Internet service providers and Web design companies gives detailed contact information including addresses, phone numbers and live links.

Reach Out and E-Mail Someone
The Internet Address Finder site is a white-pages service that lets you search for people either by name, organization and domain or e-mail address. Registration is free: Users are just asked to contribute their listings to the database.

Check it Out
The accounting firm Rhea & Ivy posts checklists and advice on record retention, disaster plans and other key topics.

Direct From London
Read selected articles from Accounting & Business , the journal of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and e-mail your comments to the editors.



Put It Away
Pipp Mobile Storage Systems provides warehousing and other storage solutions. A free online calculator helps you think about current storage needs and costs.

Your Business Away From Business
Go here for listings of more than 3,000 chambers of commerce all over the world. Check to make sure your local chamber is listed.

Work Well with Washington
If your company does business with the federal government, go to this GSA site for a vast array of financial links and resources. One item on its "hot list" page is priceless: the top 10 easy ways to get paid quicker by Washington.

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