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Technology Hardware Sites
The Computer Information Centre site includes a comprehensive section on technology hardware with the latest news and developments in monitors, input devices, motherboards, PCs, printers and CD-ROMs. Links to hardware manufacturers, main suppliers, consultants, resellers and service providers also are listed.

The Computer Vision homepage mission statement is "to provide a central location for World Wide Web links relating to computer vision research." There is also a section on computer vision hardware that has links to research systems and relevant commercial products.
SupportHelp is a useful site for finding contact information for hardware and software manufacturers. A search of its database by company or product name retrieves the company street and e-mail addresses, customer service and technical support phone numbers and Web address. E-mail and Web site addresses also are linked here.
PC-Help Online created a site of links to the technical support pages of computer hardware and software companies to help users retrieve only the most pertinent information, saving download and research time. Also available is a section called PC-Resources, which includes a discussion forum for answers to technical questions.
PC Mechanic's site offers technical support for computer hardware, a discussion forum to post PC questions as well as a search engine for motherboard, hardware and software comparison shopping. This site also features shareware and freeware downloads and links "to everything computer related."

Song of Yourself
Get your Web site listed on more than 70 search engines by registering with this exceptionally easy-to-use service. SelfPromotion works like shareware—it's free, but those making a small donation get extra Web promotion tools. Mess-Free Searches
A so-called metasearch site-one that simultaneously uses several standard search engines at once-Inference Find organizes search results into neat categories, so users don't have to waste time looking up useless references. Hot Tips
Judi Nichols, CPA, has posted a series of PFP tips on her Web site useful for both other practitioners and their clients.

Y2K Misery Loves Company
You may be anxious about the Y2K issues at your company, but at least you can find resources. The firm of Humiston, Skokan, Warren & Eichenberger has posted on its site a lengthy list of Y2K sites all over the world. Know Your Worth
Exec-U-Net, a career networking organization, posts data on what executives ($75,000+) are earning nationwide. Other free information includes a career tip of the week. Business-to-Business
Are you looking for a consultant or training video? Do you want to discuss some issues with other business people? ON Business Information & Resources offers a comprehensive yellow pages of business resources and a variety of free online forums.


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