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SnagIt Prints Screens of Information Quickly and Easily

C apture a computer screenshot, a Web page or a partial spreadsheet quickly and easily with the SnagIt Twin Pack for Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Previously, capturing the entire contents of a computer screen was a complex task. SnagIt does the job with a few clicks of the mouse. It even stretches to show all of its contents. SnagIt costs $39.95 for a single-user license. A 10-user license costs $200.

More information: TechSmith Corp., 3001 Coolidge Road, Suite 400, East Lansing, Michigan 48823-6320; 800-517-3001.

WIN -SENSE, New Call Accounting and Management Software

N eed help to stop fraudulent and excessive use of your companys phone system? WIN -SENSE enables companies to accurately track and bill incoming and outgoing local and long-distance phone calls to the proper cost center, department or account. WIN -SENSE logs the number of calls made by unauthorized personnel, and generates presentation-quality usage and cost reports.

This Windows-based software runs on either a standalone personal computer or a network, requires five megabytes of disk space and comes with installation diskettes. WIN -SENSE costs $1,495; the annual maintenance cost is $300. Tariff cost updates, based on AT&T and local carrier rates, also can be purchased quarterly for $125 per update.

More information: TELS Corp., 406 West South Jordan Parkway, Suite 250, Salt Lake City, Utah 84095; 800-564-9424, ext. 305.

Note That!

I f youre one of those people addicted to Post-Its, youll be happy to know of two software products that let you use electronic counterparts. Jot-It! 2.2 and Note It! allow users to attach electronic notes to any file on their PCs. Both software packages let users attach notes to any Web site and be able to retrieve that site from the electronically posted note. Both products also give users the option to annotate documents with recorded voice messages.

Note It! which features tools to annotate and highlight documents without altering the original includes a simulated highlighter and a drawing tool to electronically recreate proofreader marks and an electronic pen for freehand writing; it retails for 99. Jot-It! which costs $29.95 does not include these additional features.

More information: Jot-It! 2.2 Evergreen International Technology, 102-930 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7P 3N4; 604-986-6121. Note It! Gigatron Software Corp., 2382 Morse Avenue, Irvine, California 92714; 800-999-9199.


Implementing a global statutory reporting maturity model

Assess your organization's capabilities and progress toward an ideal state of global statutory reporting. Sponsored by Workiva.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.