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HTML is often referred to as a computer "language," but it isnt really. Especially at the basic level, its merely a series of code words surrounding text. For example:
<center><H1>Smith & Jones, CPAs</H1></center>
means that "Smith & Jones, CPAs" will be the highest level of head (H1) and centered on the screen. The more complete HTML editing programs put these codes in for you automatically. That is, you hit a button labeled "center" and it adds the <center> code. However, you will have more control over your site if you learn some of the codes.

A partial list of the wide variety of programs available is posted in "Doing Business on the Internet" (JofA, Mar.96). The list is always growing and the price of being on the Web is always shrinking. At the end of this sidebar is a very select list of resources that will be helpful in building your site and mastering HTML; there probably are scores more out there equally as good. Be sure to buy at least one HTML book for reference and keep it handy.


If you register your firm, Smith & Jones, with Acme Web Service, your address might look like this: Since your name is part of your servers name, you have no registration headaches. However, this is long and not very memorable. More important, if you want to leave Acme for another server, youll have to change your address. To get your own name, you have to register with InterNIC, a sort of Internet clearing house. The home page guides you through the process. The cost is $50 a year to keep your own name, with the first two years payable in advance. Go to NetScotts Domain Registry for advice on how to register. Remember: you will probably rent space on someone elses computer, or server, to store your site for some time. Make sure your server, or host, can let you register your own name and allow you to make changes with instant uploads whenever you want (as opposed to sending your changes to someone who will post them at his or her convenience).

Below is a list of every resource mentioned in this article, plus a few others. The Web is a friendly place: these sites usually have free advice and connections to other resources. E-mail queries are usually welcome.



Langley Computer Services Free Graphics
Download a variety of free buttons.

Iconzs Free Images

Check out a range of interesting icons.

Jelane Johnsons Free Graphics
Johnson has designed "suites" so your page can be color-coordinated.

Fairys Free and Easy to Download Icons
Choose from a variety of standard and animated graphics.

Cherishs Best of the Web Image Archive
The background images offered here are especially striking.

Web Instruction and Software

Mike Lindsays Site
Connect to a very basic, but comprehensive, free Web tutorial. Link to Web page design tools you can download and read Lindsays descriptions of each of them.

The Willcam Group
Make a note of this very helpful index of HTML codes.


Beginners should try this interactive HTML tutorial.

Jasc, Inc.
Download Paint Shop Pro and other Web design tools.

Web Experts

Waynes Web
Wayne Hardings Web site is a good example of helpful information and fun design.

Mary Browns Home Page

View this interesting blend of advice and entertainment.

Kent Information Services
For a fee, sign up for the Internet Bulletin. Kent has a new book: Financial Professionals Internet Guide.


This is where to register your site.

NetScotts Domain Name
Registration Services
Read helpful advice on registering.

Domain Name Query
Research names on this site to make sure no one has picked the name you want.

Advertising and Marketing

Add your site to about 20 search engines.

Register with this major search engine and find out how to become a "pick of the week."

This search engine has a convenient "backward search" to find out who has linked to you.

Harcourt Brace Professional
Use this site to nominate your Web page for an award and to check out others.



Scorecard preparation templates and tips

With Workiva, we've created a PowerPoint deck that helps you create your own scorecards -- quick reference reports used across organizations to update stakeholders on the performance of defined deliverables.


Black CPA Centennial, 1921–2021

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of the first Black licensed CPA in the United States, a yearlong campaign kicked off to recognize the nation’s Black CPAs and encourage greater progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity in the CPA profession.