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Market-Leading Software Available in New Version
The AICPA launched a new and improved version of its popular ATB software: ATB for Windows version 1.2. Developed by Intuit for the Institute, ATB Windows 1.2 has been thoroughly tested: We have taken every possible measure to ensure that our present and potential customers have a stable product that not only performs flawlessly to their satisfaction but also exceeds expectations, said Chuck Peck, AICPA senior vice-president-marketing, product and organization development.

New features

ATB Windows 1.2 has some updated features:

  • Improved document print speed.
  • Ability to select printer fonts.
  • Save report options.
  • Time-saving by setting up re-usable templates.
  • Thirty-four analytical ratios and current-to-prior-year fluctuations reports.
  • Ability to export data to many popular software tax programs.
  • Ability to import client-supplied data from many popular general ledger programs.
  • Ability to analyze client financial information.
  • Preparation of presentation-quality financial statements and accountants reports.
  • Data entry screens set up to resemble columnar workpapers.

ATB Windows 1.2 requires an IBM-compatible 386 PC (486 recommended), Windows 3.1 or 95, 4 megabytes RAM (8 Mb recommended), a 3.5" high-density disk drive and a VGA monitor.

The price is $695 for members, $770 for nonmembers. For upgrades, the price is $395 for members, $450 for nonmembers. To order, call the AICPA order department at 800-862-4272 and request product no. 016144JA.

Image Campaign Gets Special Effects Boost
The AICPA is continuing its national image campaign, with television and print ads scheduled through March. The campaign is being joined by a new commercial produced by George Lucass Industrial Light and Magic Co., which has provided special effects for many science fiction and adventure movies. As a result, the new commercial has some elaborate and interesting visual effects.

A new print ad emphasizes the CPAs role as a technology adviser, showing a "pins" picture of a spiders web with the caption: "The World Wide Web is here to stay. Would you rather be the spider or the fly?"

The TV commercials will be shown on Meet the Press, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, CNN and PGA Golf. The ads will run in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, Inc., Fast Company and USA Today. The Institute also is placing them in several niche publications: Winds of Change, Black Enterprise, Hispanic Business and State Legislatures.

Institute Gets a New Software for Operation ACCESS
The AICPA has licensed Infinium:Financial Management software (Infinium:FM) from Software 2000, a developer of clientserver business software. Infinium:FM and other Software 2000 products will be part of the Institutes Operation ACCESS, an ongoing technology plan to help the Institute better serve its members.

Infinium:FM will integrate the AICPAs general ledger, financial management and reporting plus publishing operations. Other Software 2000 applications licensed to the AICPA include payables ledger, purchase management, income reporting, advanced planning, electronic exchange and security access.

With a single data source, Operation ACCESS will enable the Institute to collect more detailed information about its members and allow members to more easily discover the range of products, services and activities the Institute offers.

"Software 2000 empowers users to perform their jobs faster and more efficiently," said Dan Kossmann, Software 2000s chief financial officer and a member of the AICPA.

More information on Software 2000 is available on its World Wide Web site: .

Cooperative PFS Ad Program
The Institute is launching a shared advertising program with 247 personal financial specialist members, each of whom contributed $750 toward the total cost. The AICPA contributed about half the cost of the program and the time of several staff members, according to Phyllis Bernstein, director of personal financial planning. Advertisements emphasizing CPAs with the PFS designation will appear in the special forecast issue of Money, and the January, February and March issues of Worth.

New Publications from the Institute
The AICPA is offering the following titles. Product numbers are followed by member prices.

  • Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements for Health Care Organizations (008694JA, $27).

  • Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements for Not-for-Profit Organizations and for Not-for-Profit Organizations That Have Not Adopted SFAS Nos. 116 and 117. This publication is a double issue—two products bound together (008699JA, $27).

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations, an AICPA audit and accounting guide (013166JA, $29.50).

  • Guide for Establishing and Maintaining a System of Quality Control for a CPA Firms Accounting and Auditing Practice. This guide contains the recommendations of the AICPA joint task force on quality control standards (067020JA, $25).

Audit risk alerts

  • Construction Contractors Industry Developments—1996/97 (022185JA, $6.50).

  • High-Technology Industry Developments—1996/97 (022187JA; $6.50).

  • Retail Industry Developments—1996/97 (022195JA, $6.50).

All AICPA titles are available from the AICPA order department by calling 800-862-4272.

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Get Clients Ready for Tax Season

This comprehensive report looks at the changes to the child tax credit, earned income tax credit, and child and dependent care credit caused by the expiration of provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act; the ability e-file more returns in the Form 1040 series; automobile mileage deductions; the alternative minimum tax; gift tax exemptions; strategies for accelerating or postponing income and deductions; and retirement and estate planning.