How to reduce fraud risk at not-for-profits


Relying on fundraising, gift giving, and donations makes not-for-profits (NFPs) vulnerable to fraud in ways that other organizations are not. Click here to download our free report, which has practical tips to manage this risk.

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How the election may affect taxation of business income

This report summarizes recent proposals to reform the U.S. business income tax system and considers the path to enactment of any such legislation.


How to Excel pivot a general ledger

The general ledger is a vast historical data archive of your company's financial activities, including revenue, expenses, adjustments, and account balances. J. Carlton Collins, CPA, shows how to prepare data for, and mine data with, PivotTables.


Did you follow 2016’s biggest accounting news?

CPAs will remember 2016 as a year of new standards and new faces. How well did you follow the biggest accounting events? The 7 questions in this quiz will help you find out