Featured Online Content for November 2011



Brazil's Transition to IFRS

In Brazil, all listed companies, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), banks and insurance companies are required to file using IFRS starting with their 2010 financial statements. In this video, Ana Maria Elorrieta, president of IBRACON (the Institute of Independent Auditors of Brazil), shares her perspective on Brazil's recent implementation of IFRS and highlights IBRACON's efforts to help auditors with the transition to the new standards through training and other initiatives. The video is available here. Also read "Business Basics in Brazil," page 34.


Technology 2012 Preview
What should be at the top of your tech wish list this holiday season? After you read “Technology 2012 Preview: Part 1,” page 46, visit journalofaccountancy.com/tech to listen to clips from our exclusive round table with some of the accounting industry’s top experts and read online-only excerpts of the discussion not included in print.

Greg Anton: Future Thinking
Greg Anton, the AICPA’s 2011–2012 chairman, talks about the CPA Horizons 2025 initiative, which called on CPAs from all areas of the profession to embrace the challenge of defining the future, for themselves and for those they serve. Also read an interview with Anton, “Moving the Needle,” on page 24.

Economic Optimism Slumps
The AICPA’s Carol Scott, CPA, vice president–Business, Industry & Government, analyzes results of the AICPA Business & Industry Economic Outlook Survey Q3 2011. Economic optimism dropped to a two-and-a-half-year low as more than 60% of the 1,300 CPA financial executives surveyed thought it was likely the U.S. would experience a double-dip recession. The video is available here.


Facebook Revamps Friend Lists

Facebook recently introduced new types of lists to help organize your friends, colleagues and family and determine how often someone appears in your News Feed. After logging in, the new lists are found in the left column of your Facebook home page.

You’ll see that by default, Facebook offers four types of smart lists: work, school, family and city. Each list is automatically populated, but there’s an option to add or remove friends manually to make the lists more accurate. Click the name of the list, and in the right column you’ll see “On This List” (friends that are already included in the list) and, beneath that, “Add friends to this list.”

There are also three new lists—Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted—that you can manually populate. Add friends to your Close Friends list to see everything they post in your News Feed. You’ll see less of your friends, such as old classmates or business contacts, if they’re in the Acquaintances list. Friends added to the Restricted list will only see your “public” posts versus everything you post.

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Megan Pinkston ( mpinkston@aicpa.org ) is the JofA’s senior online editor.


How to make the most of a negotiation

Negotiators are made, not born. In this sponsored report, we cover strategies and tactics to help you head into 2017 ready to take on business deals, salary discussions and more.


Will the Affordable Care Act be repealed?

The results of the 2016 presidential election are likely to have a big impact on federal tax policy in the coming years. Eddie Adkins, CPA, a partner in the Washington National Tax Office at Grant Thornton, discusses what parts of the ACA might survive the repeal of most of the law.


Deflecting clients’ requests for defense and indemnity

Client requests for defense and indemnity by the CPA firm are on the rise. Requests for such clauses are unnecessary and unfair, and, in some cases, are unenforceable.