2010 Tax Software Survey: TaxACT 2010 Preparer's 1040 Edition

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General Information
Tax program name: TaxACT 2010 Preparer's 1040 Edition
Vendor name: 2nd Story Software
Telephone (sales): 800-573-4287 or 319-265-6500
E-mail (sales): support@taxact.com
Website: www.taxact.com
Number of users: N/A
Price on Federal 1040 (new customers): $119
     Increase from last year? No
     By how much? N/A
Renewal price: $119, but renewal discounts as low as $99 are offered.
State price (new customers): $19.95 per state or $79.95 for all available states
     State renewal price: $19.95 per state or $79.95 for all available states
Pay-per-return pricing: Free unlimited printed returns
Additional cost for e-filed returns:

Unlimited Federal e-filed returns: $350

1-25 Federal e-filed returns: $7.95 each

26-50 Federal e-filed returns: $5.95 each

51-100 Federal e-filed returns: $3.95 each

101+ Federal e-filed returns: free


Unlimited State e-filed returns: $150

1-25 State e-filed returns: $3.95 each

26-50 State e-filed returns: $2.95 each

51-100 State e-filed returns: $1.95 each

101+ State e-filed returns: free

Web/SaaS Version
Do you offer an online/SaaS version? No
Toll free phone:



For tax help via phone, customers can add TaxACT TaxPayer Support™ for $19.95/tax year (TaxACT TaxPayer Support is included in Enterprise Editions).


Tax season (January 8April 30)

MondayFriday: 8am9pm (CST)

Saturday: 8am5pm (CST)

Sunday: 12am5pm (CST)


After tax season (May 1January 7)

MondayFriday: 10am3pm (CST)

E-mail support?


IM/Chat? No
Other? N/A
Do you offer organizers?


Client Manager – View your client list and access returns from one convenient location. Customize how the list is sorted and what information is visible.


Data Organizers – Getting necessary tax information and documents you need for each client is easier and faster with TaxACT Data Organizers. Personalize an information-gathering worksheet for each client, complete with last year's data and corresponding spaces for this year’s data.

Client letters? Yes. TaxACT summary letters, instruction letters and invoices can be quickly and easily customized for each client.
Client portals? No
Does your software integrate with other products?

TaxACT Preparer’s Federal Editions seamlessly integrate with State Editions, transferring client information from federal forms into state forms.

New features added to your software for this year:
  • Import of prior year client data – import directly from TaxACT 2009 or from a PDF of last year’s tax returns prepared by select software (see complete list of software on our website).
  • Stock Assistant – quickly enter 1099 data in one window that provides a printable summary of all investments.
  • All e-fileable forms.
  • State e-file for CA, FL and KS (for tax year 2010).
  • Additional 2010 features will be announced both in early October when preview versions are released and in early January when final versions are released. In the meantime, everyone can test drive all TaxACT 2009 Editions for free at www.taxact.com.

Additional Comments

An Enterprise 1040 version is also available for $199, which includes multi-user networking features, additional security options, phone & e-mail support, Document Manager, Appointment Manager and online backup.


Users who need federal and state software as well as unlimited e-filing, can save 20% by purchasing TaxACT Preparer’s 1040 Bundle.


One-hour comprehensive training sessions are available starting in October.


TaxACT also offers federal and state 1065, 1120S and 1120 software, as well as bank products.


Preview versions of TaxACT Preparer’s Federal Editions are released in early October so that users can get a head start on next year’s client returns. Final versions of the software are released in early January. In the meantime, everyone can test drive all TaxACT 2009 Editions for free at www.taxact.com.



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