Smart Stops on the Web


This Site Warrants a Visit

Filling out and mailing warranty cards that come with electronic items you purchase can be burdensome. This site allows you to fill out these cards online. You input basic information—name, address and phone number—only once. It’s then stored on your hard drive in a cookie until the next time you register a purchase. The warranty information is automatically sent to the manufacturer.

For Job Seekers and Employers

This site brings together potential employees and employers looking for help. You can research jobs by industry or company and get advice from corporate recruiters on interview techniques.

A Site for the Ages

The Administration on Aging offers “information on older persons and services for the elderly” on this site. Included are an ElderCare locator and sections on retirement and financial planning information and health care anti-fraud initiatives, as well as a calendar of events and links to related sites.

A Site for Tax Information

Ryan & Co., a Dallas-based consulting firm, created this site to aid state and local tax professionals seeking contact information for state courts, legislatures and state tax authorities. Information on tax legislation and other topics, including payroll, electronic commerce and income tax, is also available.


Banking Online

The Electronic Banking Association’s site will guide you through the process of online banking and electronic bill payment and explain how to set up an account on the Web. Provided your financial institution offers e-banking, you can avoid writing checks and mailing out bill payments.

Banking and the Law

The Legal Information Institute on the Cornell Law School’s site is devoted to legal aspects of banking and includes an overview and history of banking in the United States. Information about federal and state statutes, agency regulations and judicial decisions is also posted.


This FDIC site offers a great deal of information on U.S. banking regulations. Topics include resources for bankers, banking industry statistics, examination procedures and e-banking issues.

An E-Commerce Resource Site

Eastern Michigan University’s site has a resource list on electronic money. It lists published articles, pamphlets—and even lesson plans—on various aspects of this topic. Also included are links to the FTC’s site and a consumer information center.

A Webzine for Bankers

Faulkner & Gray’s Web magazine, Electronicbanker, includes departments on U.S. community and online banking, as well as links to sites on credit card management and electronic commerce. The magazine also offers discussion groups on online banking programs.


World Wide Web Banking

The International Association of Internet Banking and Commerce’s site includes discussion groups on e-commerce and Internet banking, as well as links to related organizations such as the Bank Administration Institute and activities like conferences on telecommunications and e-commerce.

More on International E-Banking

Hieros Gamos, “the comprehensive law and government portal,” devotes a portion of its site to international and electronic banking issues. Federal, state and international banking laws are linked, as well as the latest banking news and other resources such as bank research centers and publications on Internet banking.

Still More on International Banking

The Norwest Bank of Minnesota site has sections devoted to international services such as export financing, border banking and commercial foreign exchange. Also included are financial analysis calculators, a business library with online newsletters and a listing of recent currency exchange rates.


Year-end tax planning and what’s new for 2016

Practitioners need to consider several tax planning opportunities to review with their clients before the end of the year. This report offers strategies for individuals and businesses, as well as recent federal tax law changes affecting this year’s tax returns.


News quiz: Retirement planning, tax practice, and fraud risk

Recent reports focused on a survey that gauges the worries about retirement among CPA financial planners’ clients, a suit that affects tax practitioners, and a guide that offers advice on fraud risk. See how much you know with this short quiz.


Bolster your data defenses

As you weather the dog days of summer, it’s a good time to make sure your cybersecurity structure can stand up to the heat of external and internal threats. Here are six steps to help shore up your systems.