Smart stops on the Web.


What's News?
This site, maintained by the Computer Information Centre (CompInfo), provides information technology news and directories of hardware and software manufacturers, suppliers and consultants, as well as a support center for Y2K problems. The news section has intranet-specific items, including a discussion on intranet design.  

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ComputersBut Couldn't Find
This online version of Byte Magazine features archived articles—from January 1994 through May 1998—hardware and software reviews, and classified ads. Discussions and resources for intranets are also included.  

A Site for Intranets
For companies interested in in-house online connections, this site—from Intranet Design Magazine —will be quite useful. It includes feature articles on computer trends and analysis, an intranet exchange forum, a discussion of issues in intranet security and case studies of profiled IT "pros, not vendors." An online reference section features frequently asked intranet questions.  

 Insurance Help for the Public
The American Society of CLU & ChFC has finance tips, surveys and links to financial resources. Learn more about what chartered life underwriters and chartered financial consultants can do for you and your clients.  

Another Site for Intranets
If nothing caught your attention in the site listed above, go to the Intranet Journal's site. This online publication includes a feature article of the week, a discussion forum, a calendar of events, classified ads and a listing of Web-design training resources.  

A Rich Vein of Info
The Mining Company resembles a search engine, but it's really a thoughtfully organized list of the most useful sites in dozens of categories. The accounting section was organized by a practicing CPA.  

More Intranet Discussion
The European Journalism Centre's site, while designed solely for journalists interested in networking and furthering their expertise, does have a useful section on building intranets. It includes a sample intranet and information on the basic tools, where to begin and how to use the site you've created. Go to the resources section and click on the Journalists' Toolbox.  

Silly Name, Serious Help
Once you get past the sophomoric title, this site offers valuable advice—all free—on Web design by displaying sites that don't work. The site has long been an underground favorite of the Internet community.


Year-end tax planning and what’s new for 2016

Practitioners need to consider several tax planning opportunities to review with their clients before the end of the year. This report offers strategies for individuals and businesses, as well as recent federal tax law changes affecting this year’s tax returns.


News quiz: Retirement planning, tax practice, and fraud risk

Recent reports focused on a survey that gauges the worries about retirement among CPA financial planners’ clients, a suit that affects tax practitioners, and a guide that offers advice on fraud risk. See how much you know with this short quiz.


Bolster your data defenses

As you weather the dog days of summer, it’s a good time to make sure your cybersecurity structure can stand up to the heat of external and internal threats. Here are six steps to help shore up your systems.