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Remote E-Mail Access
Have you ever needed to check your e-mail messages but were nowhere near your computer? Now you can get remote access to e-mails from your telephone with JE Software's Mail-Call service.

An electronic voice recites all e-mail messages, which can also be faxed to any machine you designate. The e-mail messages are password protected, and you can choose different voices, volume levels and speeds of speech.

The annual subscription price is $99. More information: JE Software, 404 North Terrace Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 10552; 914-699-6710; .

A Simpler Personal Information Manager
Anyone looking for a user-friendly personal information manager (PIM) that takes up only a small amount of computer memory should consider Time & Chaos32. This shareware program also functions as a standalone PIM and contains a contact list, an address book, an appointment calendar, a to-do list and other scheduling functions, which can be simultaneously displayed on one screen. This allows for easy "drag and drop" of data from one window to another.

The application can integrate with Microsoft Personal Address Books, Word 95, Word 97 and Corel's WordPerfect. It also can link to a Web address or enable users to post a monthly version of their own calendars to a Web site.

The price for Time & Chaos32 is $45. More information: iSBiSTER International, Inc., 1111 Belt Line Road, Suite 204, Garland, Texas 75040; 972-495-6724; .

Paperless Office Now Includes an Inkless Pen
For those who want to sign or mark up documents longhand but still want a paperless office, Cross offers iPen, an electronic instrument that resembles a pen and functions like a mouse.

iPen is designed to give a "pen-on-paper" feel and comes with an electronic writing tablet sensitive to the pen's tip. The tablet can even sense the pen's movement through a sheet of paper, which is useful for tracing images that need to be reproduced on a computer screen. In addition to editing text onscreen and signing or annotating computer-transmitted faxes, iPen also can be used to edit graphic files and digital photos.

The price for iPen is $120. More information: Cross Pen Computing Group, 1 Albion Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865; 401-333-1200; .

Advanced Features Make E-Mail Management Easy
If you need your e-mail application to do more than merely send or receive messages, Eudora Pro Email 4.0 for Windows 95/NT offers an advanced system for managing electronic mail. The program lets you receive or reply to e-mail messages from one location, even if you have more than one e-mail address, and includes filters that automatically identify your messages and file, transfer or forward them.

The program includes a built-in spell-checker and a message preview window. It also has a built-in compression file so you can transmit graphics within the body of the message to avoid sending large attached files. Included as well are a virus protection program and an encryption program to ensure the security of your transmissions.

The price for Eudora Pro Email 4.0 is $40. More information: Qualcomm Inc., 6455 Lusk Boulevard, San Diego, California 92121; 619-587-1121; .


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