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1. How to open new doors by closing your office  

BY Jeff Drew
Virtually no one who has leased office space has enjoyed writing that rent check every month. It might have been satisfying at first, when the firm or company was young and having an office was a sign of progress, but watching money go into a landlord’s pocket inevitably gets old.

2. Survey spotlights need for data and security strategies  

BY Jeff Drew
On the surface, the results of the 2013 North America Top Technology Initiatives survey show that “managing and retaining data” nudged past “securing the IT environment” to become the top technology priority cited by the nearly 2,000 accounting professionals polled. Dig a little deeper, and the evidence indicates that the emphasis on data stems at least in part from concerns about the increased security risks caused by the proliferation of mobile devices and the mass movement of confidential information to the cloud.

3. Smart tech tips  

BY Chris Baysden
Technology mistakes can cause higher expenses and lost revenue opportunities. During a session at the AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference in January, Advisor Products President and CEO Andrew Gluck shared tips on how to avoid the biggest technology mistakes. The tips could prove useful for accounting firms and small businesses in general.

4. From "write-up" to right profitable   CPEDirect

BY Jeff Drew
CPA firms for decades saw little upside to providing basic accounting services to business clients. Bookkeeping and other “write-up” activities required extensive data entry and document transfer that chewed up man-hours but did not require much specialized knowledge. Client accounting services (CAS) were seen as commodities that brought with them depressed hourly rates and a risk of costly errors.

5. Tech talk: What CPAs need to know  

BY Jeff Drew
Tax Code modifications and new FASB rules aren’t the only changes that CPAs have to concern themselves with these days. Whether it’s the security of clients’ data, the implications of migrating to the cloud, or the uncertain future of the once-venerable desktop, rapid technological transformation continues to generate new challenges and opportunities for accounting professionals.

6. How to develop and publish a mobile app  

BY Jeff Drew
When Susan Bruno set out to launch a mobile application to help women gain control of their finances, and Leonard Wright decided to develop an app to enhance his client interactions, neither wealth manager could foresee the dizzying array of detours and dead-ends they would encounter on the road to the app marketplace.

7. Practice safe e-filing  

BY Jay Starkman, CPA
Since 2012, e-filing generally has been mandatory for tax preparers or firms that anticipate filing 11 or more federal individual or trust returns in a calendar year. However, e-filing presents a variety of dangers and unintended consequences not present with paper filing. Here are tips to make e-filing as safe and painless as possible: Tax returns should be transmitted to clients only via secure fax, encrypted email, or secure portals.

8. Windows 8: Jump or wait?   CPEDirect

BY J. Carlton Collins, CPA
With the Oct. 26 release of Windows 8, Microsoft unveiled a new look and new direction for the operating system that runs 92% of desktop computers worldwide. But Windows 8 isn’t about desktop dominance. It’s about Microsoft seeking to gain a foothold in the mobile market, where Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems rule.

9. Technology and CPAs: Visions of the future  

BY Jeff Drew
With the accounting profession undergoing perhaps its biggest technological sea change since the introduction of the personal computer three decades ago, CPAs are faced with a slew of questions. To help provide answers, the JofA asked a distinguished group of experts to identify the key technology trends that CPAs should keep top of mind over the next decade or so.

10. Technology and CPAs: The full survey   WebExclusive

Editor's note: Also read, "Technology and CPAs: Visions of the future" in the June 2012 JofA. JofA: What do you foresee being the most important technologies CPAs will use in their jobs over the next decade? Bezugly: Whether they are client portals, mobile apps, or cloud computing, technologies that continue to increase mobility and productivity for CPAs and their clients will be the most important over the next decade.
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